Cake Not Cake

My daughter is stronger than I–she can live without refined sugar. So for her birthday party last night I was wracking my brain as to what sort of “cake” I could make for her and her friends, that didn’t have processed sugar in it. I stumbled upon a “cake” made of watermelon slices on pinterest (my guilty internet pleasure). It looks like the original idea came from here, though I can’t say for certain.

"watermelon cake"

Isabelle’s watermelon cake

Given that I was making this cake in the middle of January there weren’t lots of choices for watermelons. I made this out of four personal size watermelons. I think it would be better if you could make it out of a really long summer watermelon, that way the slices would fit together better. Even though my slices were a little uneven it all got gobbled up.


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8 responses to “Cake Not Cake

  1. Lisa

    I love your cake idea!
    Happy Birthday to you form the Allen-Cohen household!

  2. Sally

    That’s the prettiest, most festive birthday cake I’ve ever seen. It looks like a party! Happy Birthday Isabelle. That’s great she’s cut out sugar!

  3. Mary Massad

    Great idea, beautifully presented. It’s the perfect birthday cake for one perfectly beautiful young woman! Happy birthday, Isabelle.

    Your friend, Mary M

  4. Brilliant idea and gorgeous execution!

  5. CJH

    This is pretty awesome. Thanks for the inspiration. I plan to try this tomorrow.

  6. margarita

    nice, cute…
    but after some practice you’ll be able to do this one:

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