Recipe Card Winners!

I am so impressed with how organized my readers in respect to how they organize and keep their recipes – bravo to all of you. This morning I wrote out everyone’s name who entered the recipe card contest and picked two winners – Jessica N. and Vickie S. Congratulations! I will now be putting pen to paper and sending each of you all the recipes (to date) from this blog.

"recipe card winners"

This past week NPR did a piece on how blogs (and the internet) have replaced “your grandmother’s recipe box” as the place to get ideas for what to cook. It was amusing to consider the irony of my blog which is focused completely on recipes that come from my grandmother’s recipe boxes (yes that is plural), my kitchen drawers, and the many bookshelves in our house, that I then share with folks through the wonderful world wide web. Of course the winners of this contest will receive their prizes the old fashioned way – via the U.S. Postal service.

"recipe card boxes"

Some of our family's recipe card boxes


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3 responses to “Recipe Card Winners!

  1. I am so excited to win this! Thank you so much!
    Vickie S.

  2. Jessica

    Hurrah! I never win anything and this is something I REALLY wanted to win. And that beautiful picture of orderly recipe boxes is allowing me to imagine that this is going to mark the beginning of a whole new organizational system for recipe-keeping. . . I can dream.

  3. I loved this article about recipe collections and thought you might, too.

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