It’s Back!

It’s that time of year.

I found the Holy Trinity of Fruit – strawberriesblueberries, and raspberries at the farmer’s market today. Get all three while you can at a farmer stand near you. I think I need to make some angel food cake or perhaps roll a ball of ice cream*.

"holy trinity of fruit"

*Last week on Cape Cod we enjoyed lobster and home made ice cream which we made in our ice cream ball. There is no paddle so the ice cream can be a little soft, but it is divine and a whole lot of fun to make. Simply load up your ingredients, screw on the lid, add ice and rock salt to the other end and toss around. We made coffee, but for the Holy Trinity I would make vanilla.

"Lobster on the Cape"

"ice cream ball"

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One response to “It’s Back!

  1. Jen Rizzi

    Cynthia, I want to eat with you guys! xo

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