Leave No Cup Unfilled

"cupcake water trick"

Sometimes you come up short. Not enough change for the parking meter, not enough milk for your cereal, not enough batter to fill all your cupcake cups. For the first challenge I suggest looking under the seat, asking the kids, or if those two ideas don’t result in a handful of change, getting back in your car and finding some free parking on a side street. For the second problem I have been known to go with the bizarre (and some would say disgusting) solution of pouring orange juice over my Wheaties. Or switching to toast. Either one works. The answer to the third kerfuffle is water. A little H2O. Not mixed into the batter, rather poured into any empty cupcake wells. Just a small splash. It keeps that part of the pan from overheating by being unfilled. Surprisingly this little bit of moisture has the added benefit of producing well-rounded tops on the cupcakes.

"miniature chocolate cupcakes with raspberries"

Click here for the chocolate cake recipe.

Click here for the frosting recipe.


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3 responses to “Leave No Cup Unfilled

  1. Very nice pic, just take out the stitching.

    • Thanks for the feedback!
      I feel like a complete neophyte with my new digital camera. That was my birthday present to myself. Where it shows my age is in my struggles with having the F-stop and aperture setting be on a touch screen rather than on a dial on the camera body. Guess you can tell I grew up with a 35 mm film camera.

  2. This is a great post

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