Sometimes Skinny is Better


It’s true, sometimes skinny is better. One of my favorite spatulas is a flexible metal spatula. Does it lift the heaviest slice of pie? Nope. Can it lift a whole cake? That would be a bad idea. Should I use it in my non-stick pans? Probably not. However if you get past what it cannot do you can then focus on what it can do, which is a lot. Its many uses are why I find myself reaching for this spatula more often than any other spatula in my kitchen tool jar.

rosemary roast potatoes

It’s thin blade can slide under anything – from a turkey burger which has caramelized onto the sauté pan to some rosemary oven roasted potatoes which have crisped themselves to a lovely golden brown. The spatula’s edge is so sharp it can slice through things like a piece of cheese or an apple so you can use it as a knife in a pinch, which also means you can cut yourself with the edge so be careful! It is as bendy and flexible as if it has been doing kitchen yoga all it’s life. The flexibility makes it the perfect spatula for sliding under even the most delicate cookies and transferring them to a cooling rack (yes I know these oatmeal-cherry-dark chocolate-apricot-almond-raisin cookies are not delicate but you get the idea).

cookies and flexible spatula

A while ago one of the rivets attaching the blade to the handle popped out. Shawn came to the rescue and re-riveted it for me. Now I’m good to go for many more hours (dare I hope years?) in the kitchen. Oxo and Ateco both make flexible metal spatulas and you should be able to find one for less than $10. So do yourself a favor and make sure you have one of these great spatulas in your kitchen tool jar!

flexible metal spatula


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5 responses to “Sometimes Skinny is Better

  1. Andy

    Hi Cindy! I was wondering when you were going to cover the miracle spatula. I still have the one you gave me more years ago than I can recall. I use it every day. Best gift eva.

  2. This is a great tool, and the pictures do explain its uses, but it’s about those purple fingers…………………………….

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