Afternoon Tea

It’s fall, my favorite time of year. With the glorious blow-out of leaf colors it’s as if Mother Nature wants to give us one last hurrah before we enter the quiet time of late fall which then slides into winter.

Fall in the Pioneer Valley

I’ve loved waking up to misty mornings where you could barely see down the hill or cotton candy sunrises. Loved taking Oliver for walks as the leaves drifted down around us. Well okay, the ticks sucked, and there sure were a lot of them this year, but the leaves have been stupendous. I was even happy to watch the colors dampened down from bright reds and yellows to russets and burnt umbre.

Fall mornings

Fall walks

Fall colors starting to quiet down

The other night there was a frost advisory so I grabbed a flashlight and went out to pick the last of my mint. Bundled and tied, I hung it on a drawer pull to dry a save as a last vestige of summer. Then today it snowed. Seriously. October twenty–seventh. So when better to sip a cup of summer than during a weirdly early snowstorm.

Snow in October

Steeping a cup of home grown mint tea

Mint tea for an afternoon cuppa

Honey for my tea

I put on the kettle, brewed up some afternoon mint tea with a spoonful of honey, and settled down with two new cookbooks – blogger Molly Yeh’s first book Molly on the Range and the latest from Sofra Bakery & Cafe Soframiz written by Ana Sortun and Maura Kilpatrick. I’ll report back when the snow has melted and I’ve read them both cover to cover. The recipes in both books look so good it shouldn’t be too long before I’m heading to the kitchen to start making their food.

Molly on the Range and Soframiz

P.S. I got an email today from my name is yeh telling me I’d won one of her book release give-aways. I can’t wait!!!


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  1. Anna Purves

    like the spoon!

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