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Comfort and Spice x 2

Spring is here. The calendar says so, the bees with their pollen baskets say so, the shorts my kids wear to school say so, however  for much of April I have been cold. Something all month has been telling me to stay inside, drink lots of tea, pull on a sweater, then cozy up in an armchair with a good book and some gingerbread. Not very springlike instincts. Today’s weather proves my instincts to have been spot on. I woke up this morning to snow Continue reading

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Two Chickens in the Pot

I am exhausted. I feel like I have no right to be so tired. It wasn’t me who broke my leg. It’s not me who has had to learn to negotiate a world of ice and stairs on crutches in February. Nor is it me who is still waiting to get a cast. Continue reading


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