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Winners of the Honey Giveaway

"Jar of honey"

Whately Wildflower

Were it that we were swimming in honey right now so everyone who entered the honey giveaway could receive a jar. I agree whole heartedly with Carol that the best part of contest was getting to read all the great stories, recipes, and poems (though I’m sad I might never get to experience Lynne B.’s honey balls). I am also so grateful to Isabelle and Russell who were home from school yesterday (their school was closed so families could celebrate the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah-a sweet coincidence) and volunteered to put on a blindfold and pick the winners because I didn’t have the heart to choose.

"winner nancy"

The first winner

The first winner is Nancy H.~Congratulations!

"picking the second name"

Picking the second name

The second winner is Stephanie O.~Congratulations!

It was a wonderful contest. Thanks to everyone who helped harvest the honey as well as everyone who entered with their stories and recipes, musings and poems. I loved them all.

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