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Cool Corks

I’ve been told I have asbestos fingers. Years of cooking will do that to you, however, I still can get burned. With a little pre-planning (which involves drinking a few bottle of wine) lid burns can be avoided.

"cork pot holder"

Corks for coolness

One of Shawn’s friends showed me his trick for not singeing your hand on a pot lid if you didn’t have a pot holder handy–just jam a few leftover wine corks under the handle. Brilliant.

"no burned fingers"

Easy lifting

Since I don’t pop this cover in the dishwasher I never bother taking the corks out. In my opinion it’s worth a Merlot or two…

Update 2/10/12: I just got back from a photo shoot and was regretting that I didn’t have any spare corks with me to add to our pot lids. So when I got home I went to add them and found it was nearly impossible to jam the corks under the handle of the lid due to it’s curved surface. Finally Shawn managed to wedge a few in there but thought I’d point out how much variation there can be in lid handles.

"domed lid with cork coolers"

Domed lid with a few corks jammed in


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