Favorite Tool #16

I was toodling around the internet last week and came across this must have list of kitchen tools which included (I kid you not) an avocado dicer, banana slicer (while I wouldn’t advocate buying one it is worth spending a few minutes reading the awesome customer reviews) and strawberry huller. Who invented these things, and more to the point who buys them?

Un-needed kitchen tools

In general I am not a fan of gadgets or products that promise to do a dozen different tasks, but when I looked at the gadgets I listed above I thought to myself,

“Avocado dicer or paring knife?”

“Banana slicer or paring knife?”

“Strawberry huller or paring knife?”

I think a sharp little paring knife would do it all of those tasks and more.

Selection of paring knives

So before you get suckered into buying put these spiffy, fun-looking gadgets on your Christmas wish-list get a paring knife (or two) instead. Here’s what to look for – something with a 4″ blade that is wicked sharp. That’s it. It will take care of avocados, bananas, strawberries, apples, and so much more. You and your gadget drawer will thank me.

Apple peeled with paring knife

P.S. I admit I got a chuckle out of these Farfalloni pasta potholders, but not enough to pull out my wallet.


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3 responses to “Favorite Tool #16

  1. Up at the Shaker Village, I bought a little melon scooper, which is cute. I also bought a very nice wooden avocado scoop while up on Deer Isle this summer. Maybe not essential, and yes a paring knife can substitute (or a spoon), but they are fun to have, small in the drawer, and make me think of pleasant outings.

    • Leslie I must say that a melon baller/scooper is a must have tool in my tool drawer! Nothing else does the job and I have three in a variety of sizes.

      I’m not trying to dismiss kitchen gadgets, Lord knows I have enough of them, but as I get older I am finding that I am pickier about what I have in my drawer. If you love something and it gives you good memories I think that’s wonderful!

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