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Cottage Cheese Dilly Bread

Every time I opened the fridge last week there it was, staring at me and silently saying in a sing-song voice, “My sell-by date is coming up. You’d better do something with me…” I know what you’re thinking, you think I was hearing things, that this was all in my head. Nope, it really was taunting me from the top shelf – a partially used, industrial-sized bucket of cottage cheese.

Late fall colors

If you’ve stopped by this blog lately you know that Shawn and I hosted a coffee hour at our church a few weeks ago. I went a wee bit overboard making tons of food, which of course tired me out, and the food fatigue led to some whining on my part (and a fair amount of resting on the couch), but I’m going to stop now because it also led me back into the kitchen and gave me a handful of recipes to share with the people who stop by this blog (as well as my knitting group, and the Altar Guild, and the neighbors). I promise to try to pace myself better next time. Let’s just say it has been awhile since I’ve cooked for 100.

Fall fluff seen along a walk

So, back to the talking cottage cheese. I knew when I bought it I wouldn’t use it all, but honestly buying the five-pound bucket at Restaurant Depot was cheaper than buying just the right amount of normal-sized containers of cottage cheese at my local grocery store. However all those years of cooking in restaurants had trained me not to waste food, so I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out. Instead I dug into my recipe box and found Mary Massad’s recipe for Cottage Cheese Dilly Bread. I wanted to really notch up the subtle flavors of scallion and dill so I used five times what the recipe called for, and it turned out that super-sizing the flavoring agents was a very good idea!

Cottage cheese dilly bread rising Continue reading


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Punch it!

Just in case you were wondering how to punch down the oatmeal bread in the previous post here are some pictures of my dad doing an excellent demo on a batch of whole wheat bread. You gotta love a man who helps you make bread.

"Dad one"

Step one–making the face.

"dad two"

Step two–make a fist.

"Dad three"

Step three–the punch.

"Dad four"

Step four–check knuckles for bruising.


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First Recipe

I have to say I’m excited about this project. Really, really excited. What’s been keeping me up at night though is which recipe should I  start with? Some of you emailed with suggestions of recipes you hope to see in this blog–I appreciated those emails because it reminded me of two recipes I’d forgotten about. Then there are the more or less fifty recipes that I’d jotted down on my iphone, but a list doesn’t tell me where to begin just what should be included. The extrovert in me voted for flashy and spectacular. Or I could start with something seminal and life changing (in a cooking sort of way). Major cooking influences in my life? Chronologically? Since this is the week of my actual birthday I thought about starting off with cake… When I finally stopped waffling about there was really is only one place to start and that is with  Continue reading


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