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When to Borrow vs. When to Buy

Fall leavesThis year we have had the quintessential fall. Bright reds ranging from deep burgundy to jammy crimsons, flaming oranges, and amber yellows. A few weeks ago our first frost mellowed the hillsides into a more subdued, yet equally glorious, pallete. Truthfully it has felt a little surreal to be experiencing such a picture-perfect autumn. Often during this season I whine, wishing the colors were just a bit more intense and the leaves lasted just a little bit longer on the trees. However I have no complaints for 2015 – this fall has been perfect.Fall hillsideWhile I have been revelling in the colors there is also a bittersweet edge to the season. November heralds – at least in Massachusetts – the end of the local farmers markets. Golonka’s, my neighborhood farmstand, closed up for the season last Saturday. Each week at the various farmers markets I visit there are less venders, and the colors of available produce are, like the season, becoming more muted. Still, there are delicious ingredients to fill my baskets with so I just throw on a scarf and sweater then venture out to see what is being offered.Strudel-ZAbout a month ago I was in Hudson, New York Continue reading


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Spring Fling

If April showers bring May flowers what do torrential May downpours and cool weather bring? A slightly longer spring is what. I admit to a minor case of the grumpies when faced with day after day of rain, however it did wonders for extending the normally short New England spring which to my mind seems to last all of two days and occurs somewhere between crazy rainy days and blazing hot pre-summer days. My bleeding hearts started slowly then went on and on and on. They are just now starting to slow down and go into seed production. Continue reading


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